mardi 21 janvier 2014

My Oscars

The oscars are comming up, and like always, I do not agree with the nominees, and probably won't with the winners either. I won't make up a whole list of nominees, but I will tell which movies I would've elected in every categorie, so here it goes.I also added some categories of my own. BEST PICTURE: That one is hard. Because I adored both The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and About Time. Really hard to pick. But I ended up choosing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty because it is for larger audiences (I think everyone can and will enjoy it).
ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE Hard one too but I think the best ACTOR? For the actor's talent? ... Matt Damon in Elysium
ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE Amy Adams in American Hustle
ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE I don't even know if this movie is too recent to be in the Oscars, maybe, but I'll pick him anyways... Kenneth Branagh in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit shows some really, really impresive skills.
ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
MUSIC Howard Shore: The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug I won't even try to pretend that I have the necessary knowledge to have even an opinion on the other categories, but here's a few "bonus" categories of mine. BEST HORROR MOVIE Evil Dead 2013
And last but not... Well actually yes, least. WHORST MOVIE/ BIGGEST DISSAPOINTEMENT
Thanks for reading this all, and feel free to comment your picks!

lundi 20 janvier 2014

About Time

Richard Curtis's About time is definitly a five star. About Time is THE BEST movie I saw in years, and I think everyone should see it, and rewatch it, again and again. It might be the movie that made me feel the best. It's a cute but not cliché love story that gives hopes to every single one of us, normal humans, as this story is actually realistic, and it represents very well the live of average people (even thought there's a bit of time travelling). Time travelling is fun, but it doesn't take TOO much space, and still leaves you with the feeling that this was the story of us. If you like happy story, or if you feel desperate about never finding true love, this movie will satisfy you, and give you hope for life and love. It's a MUST see.


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