lundi 24 novembre 2014

Taylor Swift's Blank Space "performance" for the AMAs

To watch said performance, click here:

Well,  I sure had trouble finding a good quality video to the performance, but here it is, finally.
Now before I launch in this criticism of yesterday's performance, I think it's important to let all of you readers know that I have been a Taylor Swift fan (or swiftie) for now four years. Why I mention this is because I was either objective to start with, or more likely to make a positive review, being a fan and all. Sometimes, it's hard to know who's serious and who just likes to be a hater (gonna hate, hate, hate), but I am a lover.

Except that this "performance" if it can even be called that, well it just didn't cut it.
For about the minute and a half , I do not consider that there is anything clear to be judged. The signing sounds exactly like the recording on the album, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, considering that Taylor always was the kind to sign just as good in live, if not better. Except that ats she nears  the two minute mark, it gets different. A little like if she was signing in double...Her voice, live, and the cd. But the real problem, the thing that really upset me is this: if you look closely in the video, at about 2:05/2:12 face stops in one of her famous expressions, and she has her mouth wide open, lips not moving at all, for at the very least three whole seconds...While the signing continues (and we're talking words here, not some "ohhhhh" "ahhhh" that could be made without moving the lips). And she does this in a very noticeable way at least 2 other times in the video. If you look closely, you'll see it.

The whorst part is, it looks like the former country superstar is not even trying to make good lipsync, almost like she desires a scandal. "Talk about it in good, talk about it in bad, but talk about it" right?
I find this very insulting to the audiance, as if we are all a bunch of fools who won't realise what she is doing.

I'll also make a little side note on the fact that Miss Swift, who talks about herself like a feminist, did something really ironic at the AMAs. While she says she is for woman and man equality, she once again proves the women cannot sell music without showing A LOT of skin, where men actually can.(as Justin Timberlake is found sexy in a suit & tie and would be said to look ridiculous in shorts, it's pretty much the opposite for womens, who end up performing almost naked.) If you watch the video from the start, you'll think I went mad. She has a long, appropriate dress, and is showing a very reasonable amount of skin, right? Just wait till she tears her dress aparts to end up basically naked later on, with what is a very short dress, not even a hand of tissue down the waist.

I'd like to finish by reminding that I am a swiftie, and would've been inclined to do a positive review. So this is just my opinion as someone who sees the society and how artists like this make it whorst. I am not a conservative, nor an extreme religious, and so, I consider that I am in no way biased.

lundi 17 novembre 2014

Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel, by C.D. Gorri- Review

*I received a free copy of this book from the author to do an honest review*

There is a lot of different aspects from this book that I would like to approach.
First off, the storyline.
On that, I'd definetly give good points to the author, for succeeding on making a werewolf book original. That's not an easy thing to do, with all the books out there about that particular subject. However, the way C.D Gorri approached the mythical creature was definetly original and interresting, without falling into the completly absurd like, say, by making a vampire shine in the sun. She did not stray to far from the actual "definition" of werewolves, but she did bring new aspects and made the whole thing original and different. I won't go into details as I don't want to ruin it for you.
On a more negative aspect, there is a love triangle in this book, which most of us, young adults reader, are tired of seeing, as it has been done and done again. It is not that the love triangle here is not interresting or well done, it simply is that it's getting old. But if you are not tired of those love triangles and are looking for Peeta/Katniss/Gale stories, then this sure will make you happy.

Now, the characters.
The characters are too cliché. This is really the only way to put it. While of course, the characters could be interresting, it feels like all their traits have been exagerated and intensified to much so we could learn to know them even in a small novel.
In example, the character of her aunt. While it would have been interresting to have this character that despises the main character and makes her life harder, this is to exagerated. It is best to keep some realism, and that character had none, has no one would be that directly awful. A more subtle way to approach her despicable character would have been best.
It also feels like the author tries to force pity on us for the main character, between being an orphan, having a terrible aunt and two terrible cousins (cenderella, much?) and being bullied at school by none else that her terrible cousin Julianna.

The setting of the story is actually quite interresting, for it is one that has not been explored much. Grazi Kelly grew up in a small Catholic town, with her Catholic family. She goes to a religious school, and church is very important, even though the time is ours. It is not exagerated enough to be unreal, but since it is not frequent, it makes a great twist in what we are now used to read, which makes the story more original.

Now unto the writing. This is actually the thing that lost the author and this book some major points, sadly. While I truthfully appreciated the story here, there was way too many mistakes to make the novel enjoyable to read. However, this is very sad as I feel the novel should not be neglected for this reason, as it is actually a very good story, and to be honest, a part of me wants to read the sequel. A giant part of me. While I don't want to go and read another novel full of mistakes, let alone pay for one, I must say that C.D. Gorri knew how to captivate me enough with her story that I probably won't have a choice than to go and read her second instalment in the series, Hunter's Moon.
That being said, here are the major problems in the writing of the book:
1) A lot of words in Italian and Latin are used. This is actually a big problem, as it is very annoying to receive words all the time, at random, that you have no idea what they mean, and honestly, Italian and Latin are simply not the most known languages. Particularly with Italian, it's just words here and there, and it feels like the author is just trying to remember the reader that Grazi is Italian on her mother's side. However, the reader, not being an idiot, probably understood that by now.
2) The verb time. In her book, C.D Gorri passes from past to present and present to past in her verb time without any explanation as of why, nor any good reason to do it. The verb time is not employed the way it should actually be.
3) Comas. Another problem here is that the famous comas are never where they are supposed to be, not because there is some where they are not supposed to be, but because where there should be a coma, there is most likely none to be found, which is quite annoying.
4) Missing words and letters. Another aspect is that it feels like this book as never been corrected or read by the author. Maybe that is the case, but it shouldn't be. Living with a writer myself, I know my sister spent ten years correcting her novel, and reading it again and again, to then re-write it again and again. It's a lot of hard work, but it just has to be done. Therefore, as this was probably not done, a lot of small words are missing here and there, making sentence that don't make sense. Sometimes, it's letters that are missing, mostly at the beggining of words, which transforms the actual word into another one that do not have it's place there.
5) SMS vocabulary. That, to me, might very well be the whorst, simply because it would have been easy and obvious not to use any. On internet,  via chat rooms or sms, it's okay to use abbreviations and chat language. When I am on my computer, I expect to have to use the Internet Slang Dictionary.
When I am reading a novel, not so much. Personally, I think it's not okay to use those in a book, except of course if they are used to represent an sms exchange or an email or something like that. Here, we get at any unexpected time "words" like LOL, WTH, Idk, OMG, u, ttyl, tlc. It's a novel, not an sms, complete words should be used, in my humble opinion.

And so, the final score is...

To finish, I really would like to insist on the fact that with more work and revision, this novel would have scored a very higher score, has the story was quite interresting.

lundi 10 novembre 2014

Book Review- Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I have been waiting for quite a while to read this book. I don't know why I was waiting, but I should not have. Don't wait to read it. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver will change the way you see the world-will make you want to change the way you see the world, the way you act, the way you everything. It won't end like you think it will. No matter how you think it'll end, this is not how it ends. But when you turn the very last page, the characters won't leave you. You won't be done with them, as they will stay with you for a very long time, changing the way you see the world. You'll understand that the world is not black or white, it is a place of bursting and burning colors. If you like books like Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, you want to read this one. While it may make you think of the movie Groundhog Day or of other books like Elsewhere or even in some ways 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, this book will still offer you a very unique reading experience.
Don't miss out.
Final rate: 4 stars out of 5

mardi 4 novembre 2014

Book review- Salem's Lot by Stephen King

I have no words to say how much I hated this book. Or maybe hate is precisely the right word since I only ever used this for 2 books, including this one. It's not a word I use lightly. First off, the book is presented as a haunted house story, which is not what this is- at all. Kind of dissapointing to find out you are reading a vampire book when you wanted ghosts and creaking floor boards. But that's not the biggest problem, the biggest problem is that it's long and endless. The story drags on forever and ever. Of course, I am not saying that this book's problem is it's lenght. Some books can be very long in terms of pages but still very good. No...The problem is when there is a lot of pages for something that could've been a 150 pages short story or novella, which is precisely the case here. Another thing is the scare factor. This is Stephen King. This is an horror novel. If you pick this up in a library or a book store, chances are you are looking for something that will scare you, at least a tiny bit. Sadly, I doubt this book will scare you. It's all, of course, a question of point of view and of what scares you, but let me tell you that this book did not scared me at all. Not the tiniest bit. I wish it had, but it didn't, and this book just confirmed my opinion that Stephen King is a very overrated horror. I am of course, not saying that none of his work his good, as I can't say this without reading all of his books, which  Salem's Lot did not make me want to do. Nope. But, when you ask people which scary book they should read, they will tend to answer something by Stephen King, and my opinion, as an horror fan, is that there is a lot of scarier books out there that deserve some light. Another low point is that there is way too much characters in this book. When there is so many characters that the reader gets losts and can't remember who M.Thing is, there is a problem, and that is the case here. However, this book had some higher points that are worth taking note of. First off, there is something interresting about how the story stretches through different times. Also, some little adventures that happen to a couple of the characters are very good, and will stay with the reader.

Finally, I would like to insist on the fact that the book cover is a total misrepresentation, as it really makes this book look like one about haunted houses. But if you are looking for a haunted house story, this is not what you are in for.

Book review- Before I Die by Jenny Downham

Before I Die by Jenny Downham is a very touching book. When I say very touching book, I mean to say that this book has touched me more than any book ever did, before or after (as of now anyway). If you read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, you might think I didn't read it to say such a thing...But I did. Before I Die as left me more scarred than TFIOS. This book touched me like an arrow through the heart, and I get intensly emotional each time I talk about it. Just telling the story transforms me into an incontrollable puddle of tears. Honestly. It's very well written, and it will change the way you see the world.There is not much else to be said, except that YOU.HAVE.TO.READ.IT. You just do. Don't pass on this one.

One last thing... If it's not too late, read the book before you see the movie.

Book review- You Against Me by Jenny Downham

You Against Me is a very good book that will make you learn important things about life. Nothing is ever black or white, and this book will remind you of all the shades of gray in between. While this book is not a small and easy to read book for kids, it is in a way, a very fast book to read, as you will not be able to put it down. The characters are very loveable, and there is something very pleasant about how the story alternates from the boy and the girl's point of view. Alternate stories like this aren't always the best thing, in my opinion, but in this case, it serves the story and the book very well. Also, this book is very well written.A story of forbidden love, justice and contrasts, You Against Me by Jenny Downham is NOT a book you want to miss.

samedi 11 octobre 2014

Add Brushes to Artweaver

Hey guys!
You probably don't know this, but I just love graphic designs. I love making them so much, I actually might end up doing college in this next year. I use Artweaver free because I do not have money to spend on Photoshop right now. However, I like to try and make the best of this software, by adding stuff to it. It's actually not the easiest thing, and I am having trouble with a lot of this. If anyone had the problem and solved it, please let me know.
However, I was able to add some brushes to artweaver. Some ABR brushes to be more precise. But for some reason, they do not all work. So I thought I'd put up a list of the ones I was able to install correctly, and their download link. If you have problems with downloading them, let me know, I'll help you out.
To instal, just select the brush tool. You'll see that on the upper right side of the brush tool there is a small logo that looks sort of like a lined sheet. You click on this, and there click on overview of manager or something like that. Sorry, my software is in french. Then, click on import, and select the ABR burshes you will have download, one at a time. Most abr brushes don't work for some unknown reason, this is why I am posting this. Those are the one that worked with the latest version of Artweaver free. When/if I find more, I'll make other posts with those. If you know some, let me know which and if possible the download link.
Please comment to let me know if this was useful so I know I ain't loosing my time, because if no one needs this I'll just stop posting about the brush issue.

Cherry Blosom 1



Bamboo Brushes

Dark Wing Brushes


Chinese Dragons (out of 6, only one installs, and it's a chinese word or something like that)


Doodles #1

Doodles #2

Crack #1

Crack #2

Crack #3

Flowers #1

Grunge Brushes


That's what I have right now! Enjoy :-)
P.S: Those are totally legal to use, and to repost like this, as the maker precisedly said so.

mardi 7 octobre 2014

Fictional Boyfriend

Here is the Fictional Boyfriend Tag! (Yeah yeah I like doing those even though I never ever ever get tagged)

1. Most Romantic Boyfriend....
Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. Why? He says the sweetest things, fight for love and does this big romantic gesture, which he carefully announce by ANOTHER romantic gesture. I will not get into the details because I don't want to ruin this book for anyone.

2. Dark and Moody Bad Boy with a good side....
Four, from Divergent by Veronica Roth. Why? Because somehow, even though he is a good guy, I think he is a bit of a bad boy for how he threats Tris (this love interrest). I think he is kind of rude sometimes with her and not always super nice. And deffinetly not romantic. Plus, well they don't make them THAT moody anymore. *don't get me wrong, I love love love Four. I do.*

3. Paranormal Boyfriend....
Edward Cullins, from the Twilight series. This series had ups and downs and the public eye, but I thing the fact that Edward is the "original" paranormal boyfriend cannot be denied, because he definetly made this paranormal boyfriend thing way more popular. Now, don't go bitting me people, I am not saying he is the first one or that Stephenie Meyer is the most original person on Earth. All I am saying is that Mrs. Meyer and her character definetly got a lot of buzz on this kind of books.

4. Boyfriend you need to tame...
Four from Veronica Roth's Divergent, once again, because it pretty much is like question 2, and because he looks like a difficult guy, one that's not easy to be with.

5. Boy you friend zoned...
Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare because obviously. I won't say anything more than that (don't want to spoil anything) but well... He's the best friend isn't he?

6. Your Soul Mate....
 Simon Lewis, again. Gosh he just looks so nice and all.

7. Guy you want to elope with....
Jace Lightwood... (again from TMI) This is obviously the only way to be with a guy like that.

8.Boyfriend you'd venture anywhere with...
Harry Potter

9. Boyfriend you'd want to be stranded on a island with...
So someone else pick the exact same one and I just had to because I feel like this guy would make everything less boring, being on a island and all, so it's not to steal from anyone but FRED WEASLEY from Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling.

10. Most Badass Boyfriend...
Jace Lightwood from TMI because he is badass by his attitude AND by his I-don't-care-if-I-die-today-so-I-fight-like-there's-no-tomorrow fighting skills.

Taylor Swift book tag

Okay, so I decided to do the Taylor Swift book tag. Basically, there's 10 song titles, from which are born 12 book questions, so here I go:

1-We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together aka pick a book or series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with:
The Immortal series by Alyson Noel
Basically, I read the first four books of the series. I even had the three first. I really liked them at first. I did. But then it felt like at 20 pages from the end of the book, something big and out of nowhere would happen, pushing the SAME PROBLEM of the first book back so the author could make another book. I love YA books, and so I am okay with book series. Even very long ones. If you just saw the amount of Warrior (Erin Hunter) books in my shelves you'd seen what I mean. Compared to that, six books is NOTHING. Except it's not. Because I really hate when it's to obvious that authors or publishing house just want to make money even if that means stretching TO MUCH the story.
I feel like it's important that I give a special mention here to...
The lying game by Sara Shepard! I just could help putting it here too, because it really is equal to The Immortals. And I really tried to get back together but just couldn't. When I finished Two Truths And A Lie, I was annoyed because I thought, like in the book series above, that they were stretching this too much. Like can we just get the end already? At that time, the other books were not released yet, so it wasn't until recently that I went to my local library and picked up #4 et #5. I started number 4. But I just couldn't. First off, I had forgot how much it annoyed me that the like 100 first pages of the book are basically just spent to help you remember the last books. It get old. Seriously. And also I realized by then that there was also ANOTHER one after #5. I never even considered doing this before, but I actually thought of going to find the last book (if it's out yet?) and read the ending... That is if book 6 is even the last one. But I just though "nah forget it" and that's that. (Fresh Prince reference anyone? no?) I get that she makes money and that her books are popular and both into tv series, but like, she could also just end the series sooner, so it stays good, and make ANOTHER serie instead of making one that lasts forever. Just saying.

2- Red aka Pick a book with a red cover
I LOVE this book. Which is actually 3 books in one. This the third book (to contain 3 books) so it's books 7, 8 and 9. I can honestly say that this series really changed me. Like really. Not just in a metaphorical or it-sounds-go-to-say kinna thing.

3- The Best Day aka pick a book that makes you nostalgic

Funny how I just happened to mention this darling above. I do not know how many time I read this book. Maybe about 3 times...It's not the one I read the most from this series. Warrios: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter makes me nostalgic basically because I started reading them like ten years ago when I was 8 or something, and when I seriously loved to pretend I was a cat hunting mice after reading this book. Hey! No judging, I was 8...

4-Love Story aka Pick a book with forbidden love
At the risk of laking originality...

I will not get into details because I do not want to spoil anything to anyone. For real, you can rest assure, I hate spoilers. You will never see one on here without 2 billion warnings before. Ever. This here is a safe haven from spoilers. And please do not post any in the comments people if you don't want to get the Wrath of Khan...*mouhahahaha* No seriously just don't.

5-I Knew You Were Trouble aka pick a book with a bad character you couldn't help but love

The book right there, above. Hihi. So yes, I have to say The Mortal Instruments, for I really couldn't help liking Valentine. Plus he is really cute in the movies. He is despicable... and adorable.

I would like to give a special mention to a character from TV because he just fits perfectly this category even though we are talking books. Klaus from The Originals. I just had to.

6- Innoncent aka pick a book that someone ruined the ending for you

I know I am going to finish this book at some point because to me this is one of the best series ever. But right now I just can't because someone evil spoiled it for me a while ago, and honestly, and I am going to say on this is that I cannot think there is a worst spoiler to give to someone. Seriously.

7- Everything Has Changed aka pick a character from a book that goes through extensive developpement

(Harry Potter) I do not get why there is 8 books there but whatever. Harry goes through a lot of things obviously since at first he didn't even know he was a wizard, and the he goes to school and all and really I don't think I have to explain this because if you do not know the story at this point, then it is safe to assume that you don't give a rat's ass about Harry. I do though.

8- You belong with me aka most anticipated book release
The Maybe "The Racket" by John Green. It's the working title of his next book, but we don't know anything about it yet and I am guessing that at this point, the title could change, that's why maybe. No dates either. But I don't care, because it's John Green, and it will be awesome, and it will probably take a part of my soul and kill me.

9- Forever & Always aka pick your favorite book couple.

This... This cannot be negociated. It cannot. I do not want to hear it.
Hm.. Sorry. *Regains control* you may speak.

10- Come Back... Be Here aka pick the book you would least like to lend from fear of missing it to much.

The idea alone made me start signing Come Back... Be Here. Seriously. I lended it to my mom and sister (yup, both) but only because we share the same house so it was still home, not gone, and because I just HAD to share it before the movie came out. I read this book twice already.

11- Teardrops on My Guitar aka pick a book that made you cry a lot
This....This book nearly killed me. And so did the movie by the way. Side note: BEST QUOTES EVER!!!!!

Special mention to an equal book:
If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Already read it twice (god I really spend more time than I thought re-reading books...). Awesome book. Lots of tears. Actually read it before TFIOS.

12- Shake It Off aka pick a book that you love so much you just shake of the haters
Harry Potter book series. Like, unless you like to live dangerously you just do not speak against Harry Potter in front of me. You just do not. 

13- BONUS- ADDED/CREATED BY ME: Haunted aka pick a book that has haunted you for months after reading it.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I keep coming back to this book in my head all the time. It's the kind of book that you don't forget, and that doesn't leave you unchanged. 

So that's that! Below is the list of questions and songs alone which you can use for your own blog/video or to post your tag below. Please do. Tell me your list, and post a link if you would rather do a video/blog. Yeah... I don't mind we are all friends here. Unless you don't like books.

1-We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: pick a book or series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with.

2- RED: Pick a book with a red cover.

3-The Best Day: Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic.

4- Love Story: pick a book with a forbidden love.

5-I Knew You Were Trouble:pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love.

6- Innocent: Pick a book that someone ruined/ spoiled for you.

7- Everything Has Changed: pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development.

8- You Belong With Me: pick your most anticipated book release.

9- Forever & Always: pick your favorite book couple.

10- Come Back... Be Here: pick the book you would least like to lend out, for fear of missing it too much.

11- Teardrops On My Guitar: pick a book that made you cry a lot.

12- Shake It Off: pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters.

BONUS: ADDED/INVENTED BY ME: 13- Haunted: Pick a book that has haunted you for months after reading it.

mardi 21 janvier 2014

My Oscars

The oscars are comming up, and like always, I do not agree with the nominees, and probably won't with the winners either. I won't make up a whole list of nominees, but I will tell which movies I would've elected in every categorie, so here it goes.I also added some categories of my own. BEST PICTURE: That one is hard. Because I adored both The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and About Time. Really hard to pick. But I ended up choosing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty because it is for larger audiences (I think everyone can and will enjoy it).
ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE Hard one too but I think the best ACTOR? For the actor's talent? ... Matt Damon in Elysium
ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE Amy Adams in American Hustle
ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE I don't even know if this movie is too recent to be in the Oscars, maybe, but I'll pick him anyways... Kenneth Branagh in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit shows some really, really impresive skills.
ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
MUSIC Howard Shore: The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug I won't even try to pretend that I have the necessary knowledge to have even an opinion on the other categories, but here's a few "bonus" categories of mine. BEST HORROR MOVIE Evil Dead 2013
And last but not... Well actually yes, least. WHORST MOVIE/ BIGGEST DISSAPOINTEMENT
Thanks for reading this all, and feel free to comment your picks!

lundi 20 janvier 2014

About Time

Richard Curtis's About time is definitly a five star. About Time is THE BEST movie I saw in years, and I think everyone should see it, and rewatch it, again and again. It might be the movie that made me feel the best. It's a cute but not cliché love story that gives hopes to every single one of us, normal humans, as this story is actually realistic, and it represents very well the live of average people (even thought there's a bit of time travelling). Time travelling is fun, but it doesn't take TOO much space, and still leaves you with the feeling that this was the story of us. If you like happy story, or if you feel desperate about never finding true love, this movie will satisfy you, and give you hope for life and love. It's a MUST see.


Hello, and welcome to Book Worms and Coutch Potatoes.
Here you can talk about the books you read, what you thought, your favorites movies and what you liked. I will be posting reviews of movies and books as soon as I see/read them.
Feel free to comment your thoughts!