lundi 24 novembre 2014

Taylor Swift's Blank Space "performance" for the AMAs

To watch said performance, click here:

Well,  I sure had trouble finding a good quality video to the performance, but here it is, finally.
Now before I launch in this criticism of yesterday's performance, I think it's important to let all of you readers know that I have been a Taylor Swift fan (or swiftie) for now four years. Why I mention this is because I was either objective to start with, or more likely to make a positive review, being a fan and all. Sometimes, it's hard to know who's serious and who just likes to be a hater (gonna hate, hate, hate), but I am a lover.

Except that this "performance" if it can even be called that, well it just didn't cut it.
For about the minute and a half , I do not consider that there is anything clear to be judged. The signing sounds exactly like the recording on the album, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, considering that Taylor always was the kind to sign just as good in live, if not better. Except that ats she nears  the two minute mark, it gets different. A little like if she was signing in double...Her voice, live, and the cd. But the real problem, the thing that really upset me is this: if you look closely in the video, at about 2:05/2:12 face stops in one of her famous expressions, and she has her mouth wide open, lips not moving at all, for at the very least three whole seconds...While the signing continues (and we're talking words here, not some "ohhhhh" "ahhhh" that could be made without moving the lips). And she does this in a very noticeable way at least 2 other times in the video. If you look closely, you'll see it.

The whorst part is, it looks like the former country superstar is not even trying to make good lipsync, almost like she desires a scandal. "Talk about it in good, talk about it in bad, but talk about it" right?
I find this very insulting to the audiance, as if we are all a bunch of fools who won't realise what she is doing.

I'll also make a little side note on the fact that Miss Swift, who talks about herself like a feminist, did something really ironic at the AMAs. While she says she is for woman and man equality, she once again proves the women cannot sell music without showing A LOT of skin, where men actually can.(as Justin Timberlake is found sexy in a suit & tie and would be said to look ridiculous in shorts, it's pretty much the opposite for womens, who end up performing almost naked.) If you watch the video from the start, you'll think I went mad. She has a long, appropriate dress, and is showing a very reasonable amount of skin, right? Just wait till she tears her dress aparts to end up basically naked later on, with what is a very short dress, not even a hand of tissue down the waist.

I'd like to finish by reminding that I am a swiftie, and would've been inclined to do a positive review. So this is just my opinion as someone who sees the society and how artists like this make it whorst. I am not a conservative, nor an extreme religious, and so, I consider that I am in no way biased.

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